Vinyl Kitchen Set Up Photography Backdrops Design ( Bestseller )


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Create everlasting purposeful content for your business in a matter of minutes with our easy to use photography backdrops.

Content– 1 vinyl backdrops.

Material– Long lasting Thin vinyl.

Size– 2 by 3 feet and 3 by 4 ft.

Non tearable, Waterproof, dust-proof, Matte finish backdrops.

These are designed for the everyday user, small business owner or even professional content creators.

Whether you have a professional studio, make shift home office or even a back yard – these backdrops are designed to work with all skill levels, and in all areas with natural lighting or studio lighting.

Photography backdrops are great for:

– Business owners looking to impress their customers & convert more sales
– Showing off your products features
– Creating reels
– Bakers, Product and food photographers + the list is endless!



2by3 ft, 3by4 ft


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