How to take care of the Backdrops?

  1. Try handling the sheets delicately to avoid dents on the surface and edges.
  2. Use the white sheet that the backdrops come rolled in for storing the sheets back into the tube for future use.
  3. The sheets cannot be submerged underwater. The surface of the sheet is waterproof, but the edges are not. So it can be wiped but not washed.

What is the material used to make backdrops?

The Backdrops are made of Thick Paper with High-Quality printing.

Can I put liquid on them?

Yes, you can put liquid on the surface of the sheets but not on the edges. The sheets cannot be submerged underwater. So it can be wiped but not washed. If your sheets get dirty you can just clean it with a damp cloth. 

How to use the backdrops?

Simply set, style, and snap! it’s that easy! As they would have been rolled and stored in the tube for delivery, we recommend placing a flat item (such as a book or magazine) on each side of the backdrops for 10-20 minutes to help flatten them out for the first time.

How do I store my Flat Lay Backdrops?

After receiving the backdrops you can either 

  1. Simply store it in the tube after rolling them back into the white paper that you received the backdrop in (or)
  2. After using the sheets you can keep them on a flat surface and cover them with a cloth, this way you don’t have to keep on rolling and unrolling (which leads to dents in the long run) every time you use them.

How will the backdrops be delivered?

You will receive the backdrops rolled in a Solid Tube. The sheets inside are further covered in paper to hold the backdrops together.

How long will the delivery take?

All the orders within the NCR region will take 2 to 3 days & all orders outside that region will take around 4 to 6 days.

How do I place order for 1 sheet?

We usually sell bundled sets of backdrops like pack of 3 & 4, if you want only 1 sheet then you can click here and look for the single sheet listings that are currently available. We don’t do custom orders at present.

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